$10 per emote

Bust Color

Half Body

Full Body

Extra Costs

Additional Characters
Detailed Background

Terms of Service


✅Can Draw🚫Cannot Draw
Original Characters (OCs) 
Couples (additional cost) 

*Pin-ups for now. Must be 18+ to request


Payment method is Paypal only USD. I take payment upfront. If I accept your request, a invoice will be sent to you. Do NOT use 'Friends and Family' option when sending money. Use 'for Goods and Services' option only.
I will wait up to 1 day for your payment.


If you wish to request a refund, a full refund will be given to you if:

  • If there is no contact from you during the sketch phase (up to 1 week)

  • If the client is not satisfied with the sketch (I can allow up to 3 edits during the sketch phase)

  • If I cannot complete your piece within 1 month


Once the invoice has been paid, I will get started on your piece.
A sketch will be sent to you during the process for any changes you like to see. The time it takes for me to complete your piece may vary, at most 1 week.
Once the piece is completed, you will receive a full resolution artwork piece, .png file no watermark via Google Drive.


Commission work is to be used for personal use only. If you are planning to use my artwork for commercial use, we can discuss this matter. Do not sell, trade, make profit or claim work as your own.
Credit must be given to me.
I have the right to use and post commission work for my own use.

If you have any other questions, I can be reached at these social sites, preferably on Twitter, Discord (Booplesoup #2286) or at my email, [email protected]